Friday, October 30, 2009

Another Day in Des Moines

The Overbrook Quilt Connection booth is across the aisle from the AQS booth at the front of the arena. The AQS booth sells quilt books and other AQS items. On Wednesday we found out that Vicky's new AQS book, Garden Noveau, had arrived at the quilt show. We told the AQS staff that we had the quilt with us that is showcased in the book. They asked if they could hang the quilt and so it was hung behind the AQS booth. Vicky's book was sold-out at the show by today. The quilt is so beautiful and many quilters stopped to take a close-up look.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's Thursday in Des Moines

This is the Overbrook Quilt Connection booth before the arena opened on Thursday. Vicky's quilts are the main focus with her patterns on the front display. The Iowa quilters purchase many of Vicky's patterns. Other big sellers at the show include the Bohin mechanical chalk pencil, QuiltSmart cell phone panels, the three pocket purse, and grommets.
A busload of quilters from Wisconsin is staying at the same hotel as Roxane and Jane. We have met quilters from several Midwestern states and many from Kansas that we know. We are looking forward to Friday. Come join us in Des Moines at AQS.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hello from the Des Moines AQS Quilt Show!

This is the view of the Overbrook Quilt Connection booth before set-up. Roxane and Jane arrived in Des Moines about 3 pm on Monday and then sat in the marshaling yard for over two hours while waiting their turn to unload the trailer at the docks. It really did not take long to unload and takes the supplies to the booth. On
Tuesday they completed booth set-up in about 4 hours and then had time to do a little shopping.
Today is Wednesday and our first day of vending is complete. We had many lookers today and an ample number of buyers. Vicky Lawrence's patterns continue to be a big seller. The quilters also like the Bohin mechanical chalk pencil, the three pocket purse, and the cell phone bags. Tomorrow I will post picture of Vicky's applique quilt that is featured in her new book that arrived at the AQS booth today.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Home Again (for a short while)

We are on the way home from Houston. Spent the night in Dallas and stopping by P & B to pick up our $5 finishing kit fabrics. We have this week to get ready to leave for Des Moines on Monday.

We are bringing home lots of new patterns, a new quilt hanging system and bead bracelet kits. We will try to get the new stuff out this week into the store. All the things that have been ordered will be in by the shop hop/open house in November.

So come see the new product and us.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hello from Houston. Just a note to say we are in booth 1830 if you come to the Quilt Festival. Today was the first full day and we are already out of the fusible cell phone bags. Tomorrow we will probably run out of the Bohin Marking Pencil. I have been sitting in the hotel room working on my order to be ready to take to Des Moines next week. We will get home from Houston on Monday and leave for Des Moines the next Monday. We've seen lots of pretty quilts and I'm bringing home another way to hang quilts. This is even better than the one I brought home last year. Come to our open house in November to see the new things from market. Bedtime calls. Goodnight, Roxane