Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Here we are in Springfield, Missouri

I arrived in Springfield this morning and began unloading the trailer. Jeri Strode, from Camdenton, Missouri, met me here to help set up the booth. She doesn't know it yet, but she is going to be doing the demonstrating during the show and I have a bolt of fabric for her to cut for home (hotel) work. We got the booth set up in spite of my forgetting a bunch of stuff, like the book rack, the quilt poles and the charge card machine.

Then the fun began. We went to Haiks (one of our fabric distributors), to check out their inventory. Then we went on the hunt for our hotel. I should have turned east but I went west. Once we figured that out, we turned around, took the exit past the hotel, intending to double back, and the road was closed. So we turned around again and found the hotel just around the corner from where we started. It just got to be funnier and funnier the longer we drove. Needless to say, we found lots of places to choose from for supper. Texas Roadhouse won.

Tomorrow we open at 9:00. If you are in the Springfield area, come downtown and visit our booth. We heard that Taste of Home is also in the building, but I told Jerri no long breaks, disappearing to the Taste of Home section.

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I am going to try to be better at sending out weekly emails. This is a good way to find out the newest fabrics and sales. Well, I'm signing off now to work on that email

Happy Quilting

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hello from Pittsburg, Kansas
Vicky Lawrence and I came down Friday afternoon to set up our booth at Little Balkan Days. Yesterday was a great day, visiting with old friends and demonstrating the new Fabric Greeting Cards that we brought home from Nashville. They are lots of fun and take very little time. Before you get one done, you are already thinking of how to do something different on the next one.

Today we will be packing up and driving home. This week we will be getting ready for our big first Saturday. All the $5 quiltmakers will be bringing their finished blocks and receiving their free block for September. Our teachers are also getting their samples ready for display so you can decide what classes to take for the fall. If you enroll on Saturday or before, you will receive $2.50 off of each enrollment. Hope everyone takes advantage of this opportunity.

Make plans now to attend the BBBETO "Deck the Walls" shop hop, the weekend before Thanksgiving. It's an opportunity to visit 6 shops without too many miles in between shops.

See you in Overbrook!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Well, the show is over. Our trailer is loaded and we are in the motel watching the Olympics and thinking we better go to sleep. We are bringing home some new ideas that we found here at the show.

On Saturday, September 6, we will have a special event at the store. All our teachers will be there showing samples of what you can expect to make during our fall classes. If you enroll that day, you will receive $2.50 off your class fee.

We will also have a Make It Take It, where you will spend the day at the shop, rotating around the room and taking four finished projects home with you. All of these projects will be perfect for quick Christmas gifts.

Keep in touch!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hello from Nashville. The show opened today and we met a lot of new friends. The cell phone iron-on panels are very popular, along with the new marking pencils from Bohn. The pencil lead has some wax in it for easy gliding and erases easily by rubbing with another piece of fabric. Barb, Norma and Jeanette are traveling with me and we enjoyed an evening at the Grand Ole Opry last night. It was a great experience.

We will arrive home late Sunday night and Vicky and I will leave Friday for Pittsburg, Kansas. Their annual Little Balkans Days always has a great quilt show to go see. Stay tuned for a new class schedule.

We have been working on the class schedule here in the motel. Nashville has been a lot of fun and we haven't been out too far from the hotel yet. We will be traveling to Springfield, Missouri, Des Moines and Houston later this fall, so come see us

Good Night from Nashville

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Well, it's Memorial Day weekend and it's raining. Imagine that! Guess we will have to stay home and sew.

The program for Country Quilter's went very well. Everyone seemed excited by all the new things we talked about. The iron-on quilt was a hit as well as Vicky's patterns. If you haven't checked out Vicky Lawrence's designs, go to our website and click on Prairie Edge Patchworks. She has great designs and a they have such a variety of styles, that they will appeal to lots of different tastes. Her applique designs are especially well received.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Good morning from the Overbrook Quilt Connection

Over the weekend, we got a new sample made using the Pellon grid on point. This is a really quick and easy way to make a wallhanging or quilt. Even a T-Shirt quilt (You don't have to back the shirts with interfacing). Developed by Crooked Nickel Designs, she has some really great patterns.
Today we will start packing. I am doing a "Zapper" class for the Country Quilters in North Topeka. We will show all the new gadgets and how to use them. Sometimes, the explanation about uses gets overlooked in the everyday shopping at a quilt shop. Just learning about a new gadget gets your mind working and you start thinking about a ton of different possibilities.

Hopefully your schedules have let up and all those graduation parties and events are under your belt and you're ready to start sewing again. Have a good week and enjoy your quilting.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Today I have been working on the class schedule for the summer. Most of our classes are one day classes, usually held on Saturdays. This summer we are offering "Machine Quilting", taught by Delores Rieck. This class is always popular. Back by special request are the "It's A Wrap" and "Stacked Posies Supreme". Our kids class for the summer will teach you how to make a pillowcase, an MP3 carrier and a pillow. You don't even have to be a kid to take the class.

Vicky Lawrence is introducing an "Intermediate Quilting" class. Beyond learning how to piece blocks, this class will go into more intricate piecing like Feathered Star and how to draft a Mariner's Compass.

For quick and easy to finish classes we are offering the "Tossed 9-Patch" and a new concept of iron-on quilts developed by Crooked Nickel, using the iron-on grid and the 5" squares from Charm packs.

Yesterday we received the Christmas line from Laurel Burch called "Bountiful Blessings".

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