Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Here we are in Springfield, Missouri

I arrived in Springfield this morning and began unloading the trailer. Jeri Strode, from Camdenton, Missouri, met me here to help set up the booth. She doesn't know it yet, but she is going to be doing the demonstrating during the show and I have a bolt of fabric for her to cut for home (hotel) work. We got the booth set up in spite of my forgetting a bunch of stuff, like the book rack, the quilt poles and the charge card machine.

Then the fun began. We went to Haiks (one of our fabric distributors), to check out their inventory. Then we went on the hunt for our hotel. I should have turned east but I went west. Once we figured that out, we turned around, took the exit past the hotel, intending to double back, and the road was closed. So we turned around again and found the hotel just around the corner from where we started. It just got to be funnier and funnier the longer we drove. Needless to say, we found lots of places to choose from for supper. Texas Roadhouse won.

Tomorrow we open at 9:00. If you are in the Springfield area, come downtown and visit our booth. We heard that Taste of Home is also in the building, but I told Jerri no long breaks, disappearing to the Taste of Home section.

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I am going to try to be better at sending out weekly emails. This is a good way to find out the newest fabrics and sales. Well, I'm signing off now to work on that email

Happy Quilting